Review Policy

I am currently accepting books to review on this blog. You can contact me through a contact ticket or by email at If you contact me wanting to send me a book, this means that you have agreed to my terms and conditions. ^-^

  • There are some specific genres that I prefer:
  • I will guarantee a review for your book eventually. There may not be a set time or date since I may receive more books to review than I can handle. 🙂
  • I do not accept audio books nor do I have an interest in them.
  • I do accept e-books OR print.
  • The reviews will be based on my own and honest opinion. I will remain fair and keep in mind on what age group the book is written for.
  • I am mostly interested in YA fiction and fantasy, but I will take science fiction every now and then.
  • If you consider sending me a copy of your book, please be aware that I may not do the review right away!
  • Anyways happy reading!!!

Guest Posts

People who write guest posts on this blog will not receive any thing of monetary value or any compensation. You are writing of your own free will for me to post it on this blog. 😉 Please consider emailing me about guest posting at