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My Favorite Tweets from Merriam Webster

IMG_0029Hey guys! So this is a completely random idea that I had while looking at this article. The article was basically talking about the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Twitter account and how they smartly “troll” the internet. I went and looked through their Twitter account, and some of them are SO hilarious. I’ve decided to probably put a few screenshots here of my favorite tweets. All of these tweets are from this month because there were just too many that were funny. Enjoy!


Oh my goodness! This tweet is hilarious! Father’s Day probably did effect your National Splurge Day plans. I mean it IS an excuse to splurge am I right?? 😀



Savage…that’s all I can say about this.



I love how they just called themselves out on their “marketing campaign!”


Just read the tweet. Then notice the typo and go from there. 🙂


I can definitely relate to this tweet. I think a few of my teachers (and friends!!) have actually despised me because I have corrected them so often!


I love the way they reacted to that one even though this IS kind of sad since they lost their legal rights to the name. How the heck is it even public domain????


I just again love how they reacted to this comment. 🙂 They seem to love when people point out their “plans” that may or may not have actually been there!


So I know I haven’t posted in awhile. AHHHH!! There has been NO sunshine around here. I’m hoping there’s gonna be some sunshine tomorrow, so I can do a small photo shoot for the next few weeks book reviews and other posts. I am SUPER excited about the new photos. I am hopefully gonna get a better camera sometime?? The current photos are being taken with my phone. Then editing them is an issue because I have NO idea how to do that!! I just do it on this photo editor that comes with my laptop. I don’t know what I’m doing with anything! But hey! My blog has been up for over six months. Even though there’s barely any posts. Haha. I WILL get better!! I promise! It’s just the weather makes it so much harder to take pictures, and it’s like ughhhh. Anyways hope you enjoyed this post! I am rambling so much. 😛 Keep reading fellow bookworms!!


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