WWW #3

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

If you have any good book recommendations you might like me to review, please email me or comment down below!! 😛

What am I currently reading?

an ember in the ashes

I’ve been getting some indie books off of a site called Instafreebie. I subscribed to the emails even though I just wait till Thursday because that’s when they preview the YA books that they’re giving away. I just think it’s a cool way to get free books. Some of them may not be AMAZING because most are self-published. I probably won’t be reviewing any of the books that I get from that site. And of course I’m rereading An Ember In the Ashes for a review scheduled on Friday. This book was on the list of books for Battle of the Books, so I’ve already read about 5-6 times. 🙂

What did I recently finish reading?

world whisperers by rachel devenish fordthe amber project by JN chaney

So! I actually haven’t been reading actual paper books. I’ve been reading books off of Instafreebie because I just haven’t had the time to actually lug around a book. It’s just been kind of easier to just pull out my phone flip through a book. Both of these books were pretty decent! World Whisperer would probably be a 3/5. The Amber Project is a 4/5. It’s crazy to think that I haven’t really touched a paper book in the past couple of weeks.

What do I think I’ll read next?

Falling into place

I’m most likely going to read this for next Friday’s review. Gotta knock out that TBR now that summer is in!! I got Falling Into Place for a friend’s Christmas gift, and she said she enjoyed. Then I was at a Friend’s of the Library sale at my local library and found another copy of the book there. I just picked it up since she told me it was actually really good! I’ll take her word for it. Haha!

Thanks for reading my post guys! As always, keep reading fellow bookworms! 😀


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