About Best Buddies & 3 Ways That You Can Get Involved

Hey guys! It’s Arya again. 🙂 So I have been busy for the past week wrapping up the school year and getting some last minute things taken care of. School ends next Tuesday!! I am so excited to just take a few months off from school and away from all of this stress it causes…even though it sends me further to graduating high school and actually entering the world. Anyways, onto the topic of this post.

Best Buddies has been a very prominent part of my life this year. I have spent so much time around this organization that it can kinda be considered my second home. So what exactly is Best Buddies? It is a non-profit organization which helps Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) people get jobs, make friends, and just become what anyone wants to be: wanted and loved.

So to start off, the first time I ever had any interest in joining Best Buddies was during my freshman year during my school’s Rush Week (where all of the clubs come out and have tables and hand out brochures, pamphlets etc,). My best friend and I were going through and looking at all of the tables and getting brochures of things that we found interesting. At the time, we were freshman, so of course we’re super hyped about being in high school and wanting to join everything! So we both had a decent amount of pamphlets. Best Buddies was one of the last ones that we looked at (I think), and I didn’t know exactly if I wanted to join. But then my best friend was the one to encourage me to join, and I really appreciate her doing that. If it wasn’t for her, then I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. I also wouldn’t be considering heading towards something with special education or helping out IDD people. So there were interviews to get matched with our buddy (You know how buddy systems work right? You get paired with someone and then you hang out with them and the sort). I missed these interviews ,sadly, so I did not end up getting a buddy. But what I did get was being opened up to a whole new world that I never knew about and that I was just never exposed to.  I became an associate buddy in my freshman year which means that I basically hung out with all of the IDD kids.

So that’s what started it all out. I came back for my sophomore year (this year) and managed to not miss the interviews and got matched with the most amazing girl ever. I love her so much, and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is one of my best friends, and again I love her so so SO much! I go to the Best Buddies classroom practically every first period and during my lunch. This has been such an amazing year for me even though there has been a lot of extra stress. If it wasn’t for Best Buddies, then I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I am. Best Buddies changes who you are, and it opens you up to so many different kinds of wonderful people that you may not normally associate yourself with because they’re “different.” The current president of Best Buddies invited me to be the president for next year, and it’s gonna be amazing!

So that’s my story of how I got involved with Best buddies. What can you do to help?

1. Read about the program at their official site.

This is the first thing that would start you off. I know before I fully got involved in Best Buddies I thoroughly researched my topic and came across their site. It was extremely informative and prepared me for what I may be exposed to.

2. Join a local Best Buddies program.

They may have one at your school or in your city/town that you live in. I mean unless you live completely off the grid. 🙂

3. Find a Friendship Walk near you.

You can sign up for your team and help raise money for Best Buddies. The friendship walk is a big celebration for all of the money that everyone has raised.


Thanks guys for reading my post about my involvement with Best Buddies . Let me know if you guys are already involved with this organization! It’s always exciting to hear about everyone’s stories because they’re all so different. 🙂

Until next time! Keep reading bookworms!


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