Interview of Steve Wiley – Author of The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca (Blog Tour)

Hey guys!! I know this blog has kinda been dead the past couple of weeks, but I’m gonna make sure to start posting more consistently. Well, ANYWAYS, I signed up for a few blog tours and am going to be posting them in the next few weeks. Here is my interview of Steve Wiley. Buy links and any other information will be down below. Enjoy!!! ūüėÄ


1.Who did you first show this book to?

My wife was the first reader.  She was offended by the content, which is why I included her in the list of people who could potentially be offended reading this book at the start of the book, here is that excerpt: Content may be deemed offensive by Polish Indians, vice presidents of something, my wife, Finbar Finnegan’s wife, LinkedIn, little kids who think this book is for little kids, Thumbelina, Brown Liners, mermaids, and the wind.  
2. Did you ever think this book would get published? 
I never expected a traditional publisher to take this on.¬† It’s too risky of a project.¬† So, it has been nice to read reviews from places like Publishers Weekly who’ve praised the book.
3. How many “nos” did you get from publishers until you got a yes?
I created my own publishing company, called Lavender Line Press, which allows me to donate half the proceeds to Chicago Public Schools.  It would be impossible for me to do that with a traditional publisher.  Interestingly, I think that little strategic partnership landed me my first spot on WGN radio with Patti Vasquez, my first media appearance.
4. What characters are based on real people? 
The characters within the ‘real’ part of this book, the first and last parts, are all based on real people.¬† The characters within the fictional ‘East Side’ of Chicago we’ve created, are all fantasy.¬† I had more fun with the fantasy, though it was harder to think up new character details.
5. What character do you think is the most like you? 
Richard Lyons, the main character.¬† We have quite a bit in common.¬† We are both vice presidents of something, we both worked downtown in business, we both were reported missing by our wives at one point.¬† This list goes on…
6. What was your favorite part about writing this book? 
It was nice to get the individual chapters published by literary journals, as I was writing the book.  That was important, it was validation the writing was interesting, and also something I could share with my readers, prior to the book being released.
7. Did you ever experience writer’s block while writing?¬†
Not with this book, but I was never writing 10 hours a day.  I only write a few hours a day, at most.
8. Are you think about putting this book into a movie? Would you let them have freedom to change some things, or would they have to stick straight to the book? 
This would make for a good Tim Burton flick.¬† And, I’m a writer, not a filmmaker, so I’d defer entirely to the experts if a move were made.
9. When and how did you first come up with this book idea? 
I am from Chicago, and also love fantasy, so the ideas came pretty naturally to me.¬† Chicago is a strange place – there is no East Side, a river flows backwards, it’s named after the wind.¬† There is plenty of material to build a story here.

10. Is there any tips you would share with aspiring writers? 

Write for yourself, even if the words are insane.¬† Write something because you have a passion for it, not solely because you want it to sell.¬† This way, you can’t lose – if the final product doesn’t meet your sales goals, you’ll still have a great personal accomplishment.

About the Book


Title: The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan

Author: Steve Wiley

Genre: Fantasy

‚ÄúDid you know most anything that matters in this city was built by magic before it was built by men? Of course you didn‚Äôt. This city is different from other cities. The true history of it is unpublished. Lucky for you, I know it all by heart.‚ÄĚ

~ Francesca Finnegan


In Chicago, a secret L train runs through the mythical East Side of the city. On that train, you’ll find a house-cat conductor, an alcoholic elf, a queen of the last city farm, the most curious wind, and an exceptional girl by the name of Francesca Finnegan.

When we first encounter Richard K. Lyons, he is a man who has long forgotten the one night, when he was still a boy called Rich, when Francesca invited him aboard the secret L for an adventure though the East Side. The night was a mad epic, complete with gravity-defying first kisses, mermaid overdoses, and princess rescues. Unfortunately for Rich, the night ended like one of those elusive dreams forgotten the moment you wake. Now, Rich is all grown up and out of childish adventures, an adult whose life is on the verge of ruin. It will take the rediscovery of his exploits with Francesca, and a reacquaintance with the boy he once was, to save him.



~ Amazon




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